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Recent California Law Now Requires Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors and Non-Supervisors

Joe Martin

Nov 17, 2021

California employers with at least five employees must provide sexual harassment prevention training and education to all employees in California by January 1, 2021!

Since 2005, employers with at least 50 employees have been required to provide training to supervisory personnel. Senate Bill 1343 lowers the number of employees to five and includes non-supervisors and temporary employees in the mandate.

Now, employers with at least five employees must provide two hours training to all supervisory employees and one hour of training to all non-supervisory employees. Training must be provided within six months of assuming either type of position.

Temporary or seasonal employees must also be trained within 30 calendar days of the hire date or within 100 hours worked.

If you missed the January 1st deadline now is the best time to get in compliance.

The state mandate requires that the training be “effective and interactive”, which is a hallmark of our Safety Si training. We have excellent programs for both supervisory and non-supervisory employees, in Spanish and English. All training materials are supplied, as well as documentation of the training for your compliance files.

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