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40 years

of experience in Safety Training

Safety Si! was started with two goals in mind.


Provide clients with clear advice when dealing with Worker’s Comp and provide effective safety training for client’s employees.


Worker’s Comp is not going away. California continues to be the epicenter of rising workers’ compensation costs. The estimated average cost of an indemnity claim is projected to reach $85,785 in 2021, which represents a $30,852 or more than 50% increase, since the full implementation of the reforms that took effect in 2005. The cost of the “prevention” is often a fraction the cost of the “accident”.


"The best defense is a good offense" is an old adage that is certainly true as employers navigate their way through today’s business climate.

This is what we do...

When Javier founded Safety Si he was very clear about what he did not want to do.

He always felt that the safety training offered by most companies was boring and ineffective…it put employees to sleep. Boring lecture and boring video, Javier wanted to make it more interesting. His style is engaging, lively and humorous. A strange thing happened. When the training became more entertaining, it became more effective!

Meet The Team


Javier Mendez


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After working for more than 41 years as a safety consultant and trainer for such major insurers as Allianz,Superior National, Cal Comp and Pan American Underwriters, Javier started Safety Si® in 1996.

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