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Companies that have Benefited from Our Services

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Some Testimonials

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Sandra Huang Conrad
Sr. Manager, Safety and Injury Prevention

In the past, it has been extremely challenging to present training that not only fulfills the Cal/OSHA training requirements, but also ensures comprehension and acceptance by the employees.  Javier’s training sessions have effectively communicated the safety knowledge that our employees need to know and at the same time, have made our employees feel included and valued in the workplace.  Javier’s style incorporates cultural aspects and elements to which our employees relate and obtain the employee’s buy-in and acceptance of the importance of working safely.


Al Guzman
Vice President of Operations

The best way to measure Mr. Mendez efforts is through a highly improved exmod before and after his program. We have gone from 119% to 64% in six years. This reduction would have never taken place without the discipline and determination of Mr. Mendez's passion for his work.

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Cris Nunez
Executive Director of Risk Management

Since 1991, when Superior Grocers was 3 stores, Safety Si has been providing effective loss control services to our company. Today, Superior is considered the largest independent grocers in southern California. Safety Si has earned the respect of our company and we consider Javier a direct member of the Superior team. He is most effective with our mid-management associates and ground troops as we have found this to be the nucleolus in accident prevention.

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Louis Burke
Manager, Safety and Loss Control

Mr. Mendez has brought his own unique brand of training to our restaurants. His inspired meetings generate positive morale; and effectively communicate what it takes to build a safety culture. I strongly recommend his services to any organization that is committed to the safety and well-being of their employees.

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Mike Caskey


Thank you for your Safety Sí presentation this morning.  I was telling everyone around the office that I had finally found the resource that I had been looking for. It is a substantial investment to hold back over 100 employees for over an hour for a safety meeting.  It is usually met with the typical “not again, another waste of time”. Not the case here. You did not disappoint; in fact, you exceeded our expectations substantially.

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Seth Marshall
Vice President

Safety Si has become an indispensable part of Santa Monica Seafood and I would recommend their services to any company wanting a sure way to reduce on-the-job injuries, especially for Spanish speaking workers. Our exmod has dropped from 113 to 89. There's simply nothing better that Safety Si!

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