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Warehouse Safety


1 hour

About the Course

Ensure that your warehouse is well ventilated. Implement proper lockout/tag out procedures. Block off exposed or open loading dock doors and any area where an employee could fall more than four feet. Clear floors, aisles and surfaces of any hazards that could cause trips, slips or falls.

Topics to analyze:

Ensure Safety Equipment is Always Used.
Eliminate Potential Safety Hazards.
Identify and Mark Hazardous Zones Clearly.
Provide Proper Training and Courses.
Proper Clothing Should be worn.
Shelving Safety.

Your Instructor

Risk Control Especialist.

For two decades, Mr. Mendez worked as an insurance company loss control specialist before working on his own and creating safety incentives specially designed for Hispanics, such as the lottery game, which he has copyrighted.
His trainings is effective in reducing losses because he understands the Latino Culture as well as the languaje.

Javier Mendez

Javier Mendez

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