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Personal Protective Equipment


1 Hour

About the Course

All personal protective equipment should be safely designed and constructed, and should be maintained in a clean and reliable fashion. It should fit comfortably, encouraging worker use.

Personal protective equipment is addressed in specific OSHA standards for general industry, maritime, and construction. OSHA requires that many categories of personal protective equipment meet or be equivalent to standards developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Employers are also required to train each worker required to use personal protective equipment to know:

When it is necessary.
What kind is necessary.
How to properly put it on, adjust, wear and take it off.
The limitations of the equipment.
Proper care, maintenance, useful life, and disposal of the equipment.

Your Instructor

Risk Control Especialist.

For two decades, Mr. Mendez worked as an insurance company loss control specialist before working on his own and creating safety incentives specially designed for Hispanics, such as the lottery game, which he has copyrighted.
His trainings is effective in reducing losses because he understands the Latino Culture as well as the languaje.

Javier Mendez

Javier Mendez

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