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Office Safety and Ergonomics


1 Hour

About the Course

When the principles of ergonomics are applied in the context of workplace safety, the concept of ergonomic safety is born. Ergonomics safety ensures that the products, methods, and environment that a worker uses are appropriate to fit the worker’s job requirements and personal capabilities.

Ergonomic disorders are the fastest-growing category of work-related illness. According to the most recent statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, they account for 56-63 percent of illnesses reported to OSHA. Further, around two million work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) also occur yearly in the United States alone.

Topics to review:

Helps reduce costs.
Improves overall productivity.
Helps foster employee engagement and satisfaction.
Workstation improvements.
How transporting and handling.

Your Instructor

Risk Control Especialist.

For two decades, Mr. Mendez worked as an insurance company loss control specialist before working on his own and creating safety incentives specially designed for Hispanics, such as the lottery game, which he has copyrighted.
His trainings is effective in reducing losses because he understands the Latino Culture as well as the languaje.

Javier Mendez

Javier Mendez

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