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Drugs/Alcohol in the Workplace


1 Hour

About the Course

The likelihood for workplace accidents skyrockets when employees are under the influence. Drinking on the job can also lead to aggravated assault and sexual battery charges.

Other side effects of addiction and drug abuse at work can include:

Withdrawal symptoms affecting job performance.
Inability to focus or concentrate while under the influence.
Needless risk-taking affecting company.
Illegal sales of drugs to coworkers and other illicit activities.

Those who abuse drugs are not the only ones affected in the workplace friends, family members, and coworkers report mental stress at work as well.

Your Instructor

Risk Control Especialist.

For two decades, Mr. Mendez worked as an insurance company loss control specialist before working on his own and creating safety incentives specially designed for Hispanics, such as the lottery game, which he has copyrighted.
His trainings is effective in reducing losses because he understands the Latino Culture as well as the languaje.

Javier Mendez

Javier Mendez

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